rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Source Of Zen


Mindfulness, present moment, mindlessness, talk, release have nothing to do with it.

            If I were to explain the source of Zen, there wouldn’t be a single person
            around, let alone a group of five hundred or seven hundred.  If I talk
            about this and that, however, you race forward to pick it up.  This is like
            fooling a child with an empty fist—there is not reality in it.

            At Zen centers they say there is a Way to be practiced and a religious
truth to be realized.  Tell me, what religious truth is realized, what way
is practiced?  In your present functioning, what is it you lack?  What would
you fix?
            Younger newcomers, not understanding this, immediately believe
These mesmerists and let them talk about things that tie people up.

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