rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Living Design

 Ideas, thoughts, opinions, interpretation, obsessions, doubts that seems to be “mental” and “mind” are not personal.  Buddha is tree, bird, sky, wind, water, you, thoughts; …there is no Buddhism outside mundane things, and after realization, With every thought you are consulting infinite teachers  [Yuanwu]

…Zen is obvious everywhere in the world, with the totality of everything everywhere turning into its great function. [Yuanwu]

…the living meaning of Zen is the design of life itself. [Xuedou]

Awakening suddenly bursts forth when there is nowhere to anchor self and there is perception of the ocean of your own essence [Yangshan] of the “ocean of inherent awareness” [after Huanglong] and the silent knowledge of transcendent wisdom as Zen [Huanglong].


…if it is the supreme vehicle, even the sages stand aside, buddhas and Zen masters disappear. [Yangqi]

Correct attention to thought, dust and objects, but We do not teach you to annihilate random thoughts, suppress body and mind, close your eyes, and consider this Zen. [Foyan]

…not annihilation  or detachment or blows and shouts [Ying-an]

Stilling body and awareness as emptiness is not itself the emptiness that Siddhartha calls the dharma or ultimate truth. [after Yuanwu]

No careerist, no religionist, no sect, no lectures, no doctrine to be transmitted, no rank, no art,

Can anyone discern?  If you can, you will recognize the disease of “Buddhism” and the disease of “Zen.” And, If people cannot enter, they not only cannot help themselves, they cannot help others.[Huanglong]

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