rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Friday, October 9, 2015

Being Everything

HOW IS THIS possible?

Not “becoming” or “relating to…” everything in a sort of eco-holistic way (things in relationship):

In a gathering of sparrows, the fallen leaf, insects in backlight, soft wind, a drink of water,
What does Siddhartha see?

Not six realms, twelve influences, or three barriers or three treasures.

In China, buddha-dharma escaped the grasp of the tentacles of Hinduism and extracted the acultural essence/core,

Now, in Siddhartha’s same-old morning star, or right now in the fall of the sparrow down to the feeder, and in the impermanence of the changing colors of a fallen leaf, in the wind and water and temperature of that moment,

Right now, in this very moment, in some event be it minute or vast, what does Siddhartha-you, very, very specifically experience?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Neither Buddhas Nor Patriarchs

M. C. Escher

There are neither Buddhas not Patriarchs; Bodhidharma was only an old bearded barbarian.  Sakyamundi and Kasyapa, Manjusri and Samantabhadra, are only dungheap coolies….Nirvana and bodhi are dead stumps to tie your donkeys.  The twelve divisions of the sacred teachings are only lists of ghosts, sheets of paper fit only for wiping the pus from your boils.

What does Siddhartha see that makes this truth/dharma?

No buddhas, not even a Siddhartha; how can this be?

 What is Siddhartha’s true nature?

Sounding rash but kind, Hsuan-chien cuts off wrong turns.