rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Ocean Is In My Chest

Lance Kinseth, Ocean Of Zen Series: The Ocean’s In My Chest, 

The ocean’s in my chest.
Shinkichi Takahashi

WHEN THINKING ABOUT ZEN, the most popular objective is a simple, clean, non-attaining calmness that seems to address suffering.  But there is still a latent suffering that continues.  The direct experience associated with the term “Zen” is quite different,and it addresses this latent suffering.

Invisible suffering is the latent suffering that is present in all that we are, 
in the guise of ignorance, attachment to the self, and a false perception of reality.
Matthieu Ricard

And so, what is that direct experience?....

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fallen Upside Down In An Ocean

Lance Kinseth, Ocean Of Zen Series: Fallen Upside Down In An Ocean, 48"x60

What do you do if you fall upsidedown in the ocean?
Seeing Sahn