rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Friday, October 9, 2015

Being Everything

HOW IS THIS possible?

Not “becoming” or “relating to…” everything in a sort of eco-holistic way (things in relationship):

In a gathering of sparrows, the fallen leaf, insects in backlight, soft wind, a drink of water,
What does Siddhartha see?

Not six realms, twelve influences, or three barriers or three treasures.

In China, buddha-dharma escaped the grasp of the tentacles of Hinduism and extracted the acultural essence/core,

Now, in Siddhartha’s same-old morning star, or right now in the fall of the sparrow down to the feeder, and in the impermanence of the changing colors of a fallen leaf, in the wind and water and temperature of that moment,

Right now, in this very moment, in some event be it minute or vast, what does Siddhartha-you, very, very specifically experience?

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