rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who Am I

 a computer generated model of the migration of the tectonic plates 
one-hundred million years in the future

ONE-HUNDRED MILLION years ahead--when “you” drops away, this is “you.”  You do not die because you were not born.

One-hundred million years past, when “you” drops away, this is “you.”

One-hundred million years ahead and one-hundred million years ago are in each moment.  There is no coming and going, no vast or small.  When the sparrow dies and the tree falls, when the sun vanishes and Earth dissipates into the universe, this universe is “you,” “sparrow,” “tree,” “one-hundred million years.”

In a handshake there is a contact sensation in that moment.  Perhaps a tree in the garden or a bird’s chirp or the clack of a stone swept by a broom and falling on the brick pathway.  In a bow, an intentional action in that moment.  Everything is solidly real, a pipe and a rice cake and even a picture of a pipe and a rice cake.  A sparrow flits down to a bird feeder.  This sparrow is you and I.  This sparrow is the tree and the sun and the seed.  Why so much misinterpretation of these occurrences, these currents?

When you see the sparrow and tree and the you and the I and the sun and the seed, there is still nothing fixed to pin your hopes on, no place for dust to alight.  

One-hundred million years ahead, your body and a moment are this one-hundred million years ahead so that 100,000,000 + 1 body + one moment = 0.  

What is this?  Perhaps ten fingers named “yours” + 1000 trees and 2500 ants and seven stones named “not yours” = 0. 

Upanishadist Brahman, Chinese tao, Western cosmos = “you.” And hearing stone’s clack or bird song or listening for sound of single hand, all of a sudden seeing sound:
black crow on ice, cinnamon squirrel in snow in “1992 “ that is one-hundred million years from now.

letting go of mental current of self
then actualized by the “10,000” things
body-mind drops away
still this residue of light

One-hundred million years ahead and behind
no human beings past and perhaps no human beings in far future
Still Earth is there and cosmos and “you.”
In nothing but change, no change at all.


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