rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I, Me, My, You

“CONVENTIONS” OF SELF, place and time—me, mine, my, I, he, we, you, yours [pronouns and adjectives], here, there, now, present moment, later—do not express what we are.

Over and over, all day and all night, “I, we, my, you, here and there, now and later” reinforcing the illusion of separation, so it is difficult to actualize/inhabit what we are.

When the body is born, it doesn’t belong to anyone.  It is like our meditation hall ….it’s everything’s hall.
Ajahn Chah

Here in this lump of flesh there is the True man of no rank.  Constantly he goes in and out the gates of your face.  If there are any of you who don’t know this fact, then look! Look!
Chan Master Lin-chi I-hsuan

A gold Buddha does not pass through a furnace, a wood Buddha does not pass though fire, a mud Buddha does not pass through water.
 Chou-chou Ts’ung shen

What kind of Buddha can go anywhere?
Seung Sahn
                        Form=formless (so not attached to causation) & here=there

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