rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Saturday, September 6, 2014


The “chuu-chuu” of the sparrow rang out the song of the Unborn.

…even the utterings of sparrows profoundly expresses the Truth.
Sosan Taesa, Handbook For Zen Students

He hops calmly, from branch to empty branch
In an absolutely spaceless world
from “Sparrow In Winter,”

The sparrow stirs,
The universe moves slightly.
from “The Position Of The Sparrow,”

Snow in withered field, nothing to touch.
Sparrow’s head clear as sky.
from “Sparrow In Withered Field,”
Shinkichi Takahashi, Triumph Of The Sparrow [trans. Lucian Stryk]

Sparrow, breath, heart pulse, rain sound and rain itself, a motor’s hum and the hiss of tires, a shift in skin temperature, a thought arising: BELL, Bell, bell.

Oceanic, symphonic, luminous

All--composing and interplaying

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