rivers into islands

rivers into islands

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not Attached Enough

Siddhartha described attachment to phenomena as the cause of suffering.  And so, the task would appear to be one of letting go of attachments, ridding oneself of self-imposed obstacles. 

Siddhartha’s most revolutionary insight is that we are not attached enough. 
Our deepest suffering come from a sense of being an individual self and missing our true nature.

The task is not one of soulwork or polishing clean an interior soul or self, but rather waking to the already fully expressed ensoulment that is our true self.

Beings, mountains, rivers, weathers are empty of themselves—impermanent—and so there is no final solidity upon which dust may alight. And yet, events are empty of themselves because they are open and full of everything, and this essence does not change. 

While it can appear to be an esoteric or spiritist view, Siddhartha’s insight was particularly revolutionary because it was a view of the nature of reality in this moment in this place and not a transcendental. 

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